Methods To Purify Oil Used In The Various Transformers.

Posted by Admin on November, 29, 2021

You cannot expect your machines to run smoothly without lubricating the parts vulnerable to water/moisture. Similarly, the transformers also need oiling to ensure they work effectively and efficiently. The use of high-quality oil maximizes transformer performance. But its quality tends to degrade/contaminate over time due to the accumulating impurifications in the oil. And to your amazement, you can recycle and purify the oil while in the mechanical process of the transformers.

But, what leads to oil contamination? Exposure of transformer oils to contaminants like acid, metal dust, moisture, etc. The removal of such impurities is crucial to maintain its functional attributes. Or the transformer’s solid insulation components will be at a higher risk of failure. Hence, making oil purification (i.e., removal of unwanted materials) a crucial process.

The ideal methods to prevent and fix this problem are Purification and Filtering. Nowadays, the Transformer Service and maintenance centers maintain state-of-the-art equipment for filtering transformer oil with authentic procedures. It ensures high levels of efficiency, safety, and ease of operation.

Let us understand distinct methods of oil purification-
Centrifugation: This purification process removes water and moisture from the oil, using centrifugal force. This method is valued primarily for its relatively higher water removal rate. Despite its advantages, the technology has its drawbacks.

The limited degree of overall oil purification.
Complexity and the necessity for continuous supervision.
Adsorption: It is another procedure used for removing the excess water from oil. This method is simpler than the method of Centrifugation. But, has some setbacks.
  • The sorbent used determines the purification rate.
  • Disposition of sorbent used, considering potential environmental risks.
  • Requires good quality input oil yet has low processing capacities.
Oil purifiers with low vacuums: Low vacuum transformer oil purifiers offer fewer features. Dehydration and light degassing are the primary uses. The systems are the most economical option when moisture removal and filtration without gas removal are needed. The flow rates range from 3 GPM to 50 GPM.

Regeneration systems for transformer oil: Regeneration of transformer oil brings it back to its original condition. As oil flows slowly through large vessels, it removes the acids, sludge, and various oxidation products. The media can be restored 200-300 times during a regeneration period before it needs replacement. This system uses a combination of Degassing and filtration.

Oil Dry out Systems for Transformers: A transformer oil drying system removes moisture by using the adsorptive method. These filters are ideal for situations where you cannot use the vacuum or remove the moisture and particulates; as it effortlessly removes the emulsified and the free water and carbon from the air.

Why is it necessary to purify/filter the oil periodically?
According to C.C. Jensen, 80% of oil-related failures and breakdowns are a result of contaminated oil. And the periodic oil regeneration/purification can prevent the equipment from:
  • Arcing, development of an electric arc that may cause electrical breakdowns.
  • Overheating of oil,
  • Corona discharge, a type of electrical discharge from the equipment, occurring due to fluid ionization.
  • Diminishing the insulating capacity of the oil.
What are the benefits of transformer oil filtration?
  • Regular filtration keeps the machine operational.
  • It increases the life span of the transformer.
  • It reduces the possibilities of breakdown.
  • It enhances the sheathing properties of the oil.
  • Can you have your own transformer oil filtration machine? How?

Yes. All the things considered, having good transformer oil filtration equipment can come in handy.

But with numerous manufacturers offering the equipment, how to pick the right one? With the in-depth study of your needs and the available product, you can ensure maximum equipment reliability. Therefore, seek a manufacturer developing high-quality machines meeting your requirements, tending to your feasibility, offering prompt after-sales services, and scope for personalization.

On a final note, we can say that maintaining the transformer oil in the correct quantity and of the right quality is of utmost importance. This undermined component can dramatically improve/degrade the functional capabilities of your transformer. Substantiate the oil quality, its testing (for impurities), and conduction of purification is periodic.

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