10 Safety Tips For Using Power Transformer In Your Industry

Posted by Admin on November, 29, 2021

An experienced power transformer manufacturer completely understands the complexity of the equipment. They are also aware of the fact that, while planning a transformer purchase, one doesn’t just analyze the monetary value, but also the post-purchase inputs of the machine. They ensure that the facility and workers are well equipped with its use, safety measures, and equipment to fight any emergencies.

As a responsible transformer manufacturer, we want you to know theses 10 tips and guidelines for ensuring safety in your industry:

Buy from renowned vendors only

Before complying with the safety measures make sure you buy a transformer from a reputed manufacturer/ suppliers/ vendors only. Confirm that the manufacturer has the latest technological aid to design the equipment which is tested on established industry standards and safety guidelines.

Investigate before installation

Even though you bought a transformer from a reliable manufacturer ensure that it is in proper condition before installation. Check for proper insulation, visible leakage, and earthing arrangement. Also, ensure all the cables and other auxiliary machinery is of good quality. Broken cables if any, must be replaced immediately.

Turn the power off when, not in use

  • It is advised to keep the power off for an industrial power transformer while not in operation. Following this practice keeps the transformer in optimal working condition for a longer time, takes the pressure off the machine, and gives sufficient downtime for resting.
  • While switching it off, make sure you disconnect the power equipment properly such that there is no current leakage in the system.

Avoid power overloading

Overloading is a major cause of transformer breakdown that must be avoided at all costs. A simple way to prevent overloading is to get your industrial requirements accurately measured by an expert and install the transformer of accurate rating to bear the load.

Spend on regular maintenance

Periodic check-ups, cleaning, and repair is not just a safety drill, but this also contributes to prolonging the lifespan of a transformer.

Always keep the transformer grounded and away from moisture

To remove the static charge, it is mandatory to keep the machinery grounded and prevents the transformer coils to contact the core. The transformer should be kept from any kind of water or moisture as it increases the risks of short circuits and lightning hits.

Stick to everyday safety measures

Every power transformer manufacturer must ensure the safety of their working staff. Provide them with helmets, gloves, and other safety equipment which they must wear while working with the transformer. Train the staff to rigorously follow safety procedures to successfully eliminate the risks of shocks, burns, injuries, or any other hazards.

Ensure a suitable environment

Plant owners and managers must ensure a clean, dry, and uninterrupted area to install the power transformer. Don’t place your transformer in presence of any flammable fumes, explosives, excessive heat, surplus moisture, and too much dust. If such conditions are unavoidable, ask experts to take care of the installation and maintenance as well.

Do adhere to the specifications

As every transformer is manufactured to function at a specific current capacity it is wise to always stick to the specifications. Don’t try to modify a transformer’s capacity to take up more load and exceed the safe current value. It can be fatal.

Be Alert to pick up any unusual signs

  • Other than the regular maintenance, keep an eye out for any unusual activity or sound out of the transformer. If you feel like something is wrong with its working, shut it off immediately and don’t try to restart again without an okay from an expert.
  • Power transformers are the voltage pumping unit of a plant that keeps it running 24/7. Responsible plant owners know that transformers need maintenance and care to function at the optimum level. Follow the guidelines mentioned above for your transformers to run a smooth and accident-free plant all the time.

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